RMS Leinster 1918

RMS Lenister 1911 1

This weekend we remember all those, including the postal staff, who died when the mail boat, Leinster, was sunk on the 10th October 1918 not far out from Dun Laoghaire. Some 500 people died in the tragedy. There is a memorial plaque in our Museum and in the post office in Dun Laoghaire too.

2 thoughts on “RMS Leinster 1918

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  2. My Grand uncle Peter Paul Daly when down on the RMS Leinster he was working for the GPO, sorting mail. He was age 42 married to Annabella Daly and had three children when this tragedy happened. I came remember my mother Ena Cronin nee McGrath (her mother was Peter Paul sister Elizabeth McGrath nee Daly) telling me about Peter Paul and how it affected the family. If you are related or know anyone related to Peter Paul Daly can you please contact me. Thank you Marie Cronin


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