This little lamp box, tied up with rope, had been on loan from the An Post Museum to the Project Arts Centre in Dublin as part of an exhibition that explores the relationship between humble everyday objects and the rules and restrictions which define the society in which we live. The exhibition, Wasteland, is the inspiration of two Czech artists, Eva Kot’atkova and Dominik Lang. It continues until the 14th April.

A tied up post box


Image of the month – April

Stamp Album Cover depicting Mercury

This is an early twentieth century stamp album bearing a figure distributing letters. Any idea who it represents? Well, if you’re guessing Mercury or Hermes (the classical Greek version) take a bow – you’re right! Mercury was the messenger of the gods and hence a suitable figure to appear on post-related items. He, or perhaps she in this rather androgynous version, carries a staff entwined with snakes, the symbol of his authority and wears winged slippers and a helmet. The figure appears on our own GPO here in Dublin as one of the three statues on the roof of the building.