Cork Radio 1927 – 90 years

This year marks the ninetieth anniversary since a radio station started broadcasting in Cork. Broadcasting had begun from a small studio in Dublin’s Little Denmark Street in 1926 and would subsequently move into the GPO when the building re-opened after its destruction in 1916. On the 26th April 1927, the Minister for Posts & Telegraphs, J J Walsh, a Cork man, extended the service to Cork when he inaugurated the station, 6CK, with his opening words. The station was located in the city’s former female gaol, a rather gloomy environment perhaps but one favoured by the Post Office engineers for its position on high ground. Conditions were rather primitive and called for plenty of innovation and ingenuity by the station’s staff.

Though it cost very little to run, money was tight and the staff in Dublin considered some of the programming over ambitious so it was closed in September 1930. Cork had to wait until 1958 before new studios were opened at Union Quay.

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